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There are many reasons to think about remortgaging. Not only could remortgaging reduce your monthly outgoings, it could alternatively help you pay off your mortgage more quickly in one of two ways. You could either reduce your monthly payment by remortgaging to a lower rate, freeing up cash to make overpayments, or alternatively increase your monthly payment and take your mortgage over a shorter term.
Because your circumstances are unlikely to stay the same throughout the term of your mortgage, the mortgage you originally took out may no longer be the most suitable one for you. Remortgaging could bring your mortgage deal in line with your current needs and circumstances.
There are a number of ways your circumstances may have changed, including getting married, starting a family or starting a new job. If any of these apply, you should speak to someone about the potential rewards of remortgaging.
However, it isn’t only our circumstances that change; it is also the products available. If you remortgage, you may be able to take advantage of a deal that was not available when you originally purchased your property.
Because there are always new products available, regularly reviewing your mortgage deal could result in significant savings by remortgaging to a different lender.
Please contact us so we can help give you the best package and advice on remortgaging.